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Upper Secondary Subjects

Elementary Mathematics

E Math, one of the more manageable subjects, yet often undermined by many. The bell curve for this subject has shifted to the extremes and only the meticulous students are able to ace this subject as it demands a near perfection.

Additional Mathematics

A Math in short, has always been a problematic subject to many. At PALC, concepts are digested in the simplest form for students to assimilate and understand, alongside with the notes prepared. Ranging from Logarithms to Further Trigonometry to Calculus, there is always an alternative and fun side to the toughness of this subject.


O-level Physics is a subject where it is abstract to many yet it is one of the most interesting subjects. Concepts that are often greek to many will be reiterated, linking to daily activities and experiments in order to convey ideas to students in the simplest form.


Scoring distinctions for O-level Chemistry is not difficult at PALC as we encourage students not to rote learn but to develop an understanding of the chemistry concepts learnt and apply them correctly. Students learn chemistry concepts easily with our concise notes and through the exam strategies taught in class, students will have more confidence in the subject and do better for the examination.


O-level Biology syllabus places an emphasis on human and plant biology which enables students to appreciate the biological world in which they live and develop an understanding of the biological skills necessary for further study at A-level Biology.

PALC imparts the basic principles of biology to students through theoretical and practical studies in class which are compiled into comprehensive notes and given to students. Through simple experiments carried out, illustrations and animations shown in class, students would be able to gain a better understanding of the biological concepts taught.