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Primary School Subjects


Learning a language entails listening, reading, writing and speaking. At PALC, we emphasize on the importance of learning the rules of language and using them effectively. Our teachers uses process thinking techniques like read and check, spotting key words and building a vocabulary bank with the students to help them manage the different components of examinations like comprehension and composition. Our creative writing sessions will also encourage students to explore new ideas and incorporate interesting phrases in their essays.


PALC helps students to overcome difficult math concepts by methods derived by putting teachers into the learning curve of students. Heuristics and alternative methods in solving problem sums are taught to solve problem sums effectively and efficiently. Hence, students will not only enjoy learning Math, they will also be motivated to challenge themselves to higher order thinking questions.


Science in primary school is no longer the same as before. Now students not only have to perform experiments, they are also required to analyse data-based questions involving graphs and tables. Hence, at PALC, our focus is not only to impart knowledge, we also teach students how to solve data-based questions. Moreover, we teach students studying techniques so as to optimise their learning process. Answering techniques will also be taught in class so that students learn the right way to understand and answer questions without being penalised unnecessarily.