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Established in the year 2008, Project Ace Learning Centre (PALC) has been providing tutorial and enrichment programs for primary and secondary students in Singapore. With a constant changing and challenging education landscape, PALC has evolved to match up to the meticulous nature of education.

In year 2012, we have added Integrated Programme(IP) as part of our curriculum for IP students in PALC. With much success, we are glad to introduce Junior College programme in our curriculum in the year 2015.

Living up to our belief : Teach.Passion.Learn, we believe that passion and the chemistry between the teachers and students is pivotal to information absorption and application. In PALC, We Teach with Passion, you Learn with Passion. With this in mind, even in a group setting, we aim to reach out to the individual on a personal note.

We also run AEIS program for foreign students who are keen to study in Singapore and prepare them to sit for the AEIS examination in order to be enrolled into a local school.

Feel free to contact us for a non-obligatory discussion as to how we could cater to your learning needs!